About Us

At what I believe to be the Lord’s leading, I felt prompted to create a website to encourage believers who are true pilgrims in this world, those of like precious faith, those whose greatest desire is to live in Christ and for Christ.
It is no secret that we could very well be the last generation and I want to expand my reach outside of the local church, to encourage you in the Lord, especially as we see His day approaching.
I want the clarion sound to be a trustworthy, familiar voice to come along side and remind you of “who God is” and “who you are in Him”, and that you would not be ignorant of the devils schemes and tactics to draw you away of the simplicity found in Jesus Christ the Lord.
A site that would……
1). Inform you as a believer.
2) Equip and empower you as a believer.
3) Encourage you as a believer.
4) Convict you as a believer.
5) Inspire you as a believer.
6) Strengthen you as a believer.
7) Mature you as a believer.
8) Assist you in keeping a firm, reliant and exclusive trust in the atoning work and person of Jesus Christ.
The great falling away has already begun, as relativism is seemingly sweeping away the truths and landmarks of all who went before us; and it is my desire that the various streams of this page will help you live a separated, consecrated, faithful, effective life of joy in knowing Christ and making him known to others.
If this site is a benefit to you spiritually; would you be faithful to pray for me and my family and would you consider supporting us financially that we may through this medium, dispel the darkness with light, and the error of this world with God’s Holy Word.
May this page and our lives reflect the image of the Son of God.
In Him,
john c wood