Evangelical churches in danger of being “woke up” dead

Certain buzz words are now all over the media. The words and the postmodern cultural Marxist concepts that the words represent come from the philosophies of satanic humanism. Nevertheless, evangelical leaders are now falling all over themselves to make Christianity fall in line with the latest progressive insanities concocted by reprobates minds (Rom 1: 18-32).

The term “woke” that is going around everywhere means to be woke up from the way you once thought, to see the world as being full of privileged oppressing groups and groups that are being oppressed. The oppressed need to demand social justice, while the privileged descendants of the oppressor groups need to be “woke” and right the injustices that their own group brought on the world. That is why you now see “woke” white people blaming white people for every perceived injustice in the world.

The “woke” movement comes out of the social justice movement and the social justice comes from cultural Marxism. Marxism is a humanistic system that claims that man is a highly evolved animal that came into being by time and chance. With Marxists, humans are not imagers of God they just make things up as they go along. They do not believe in moral law or absolute truths. They think truth is whatever the mob decides it to be. The leftist social justice mob has decided that whites, and more particularly white males, are the blame for just about all oppression in the world. Churches that buy into the socially justice movement might brag that they are “woke” churches, but if they replace being “woke” with the gospel of salvation they will find themselves woke up dead.

The social justices warriors claim the “woke” privileged should right the injustice by giving so called victim groups special privilege and reparations. Some of this has been playing out for a long time through affirmative action programs. Now, the leftist social engineers want to take it to a whole new level. The descendants of perceived oppressors must do endlessly penitence because they were born into the oppressing group of people with pale skin.

According to the leftists, there are three main oppressed groups in America. There are people of color, women and LBQT+. You can claim double or triple oppressed status if you belong to two or three groups. For example, a black lesbian woman hits the progressive jackpot. She gets an unearned ticket to the top. We may see this play out in our 2020 elections. Leftists now think “woke” Americans need to elect a poorly qualified black woman to be president and if she is a lesbian or bisexual all the better. We already see poorly qualified single, double and triples being elected in areas where reprobates minds prevail. They also are being promoted above more highly qualified “straight white males” just about everywhere.

The leftists claim these groups had has less opportunities in the past so the group that oppressed them need to get “woke” and put the oppressed groups into positions of power in every aspect of society. They should even allow the oppressing group’s wealth to be redistributed to the so called oppressed groups. Somehow, I bet they will not agree to transfer the debt that got heaped up to pay for welfare programs that mostly benefited the so called oppressed.

This social justice movement is really a movement of resentment from people who hate anyone better off then themselves. If they had not already identified three main groups of victims, the ungodly resentful would just find new groups. For example, the poor would resent the wealthy, or ugly people would resent attractive people, fat people would resent thin people, or dumb people would resent intelligent people. The truth is the Marxist gospel of resentment appeals to those who see nothing wrong with coveting what others have. It brings hate, division and murder. The proof of that is the hundreds of millions of people the Marxists rounded up and murdered in the 20th century. Now the Marxists want to make it billions.

There is good reason why God gave humans commandments to follow. Those that covet what other have are ultimately in rebellion against the Person from whom all blessings come. Certain groups were historically pagan, maybe this is the reason why some groups received not. Even so, in every group there were always exceptions because God is Sovereign.

I have additional news, there is no final solution in the woke movement. Eventually the oppressed and their “woke” supporters get people from the oppressed groups into all positions of power and then they become the oppressors of the descendants of the so called oppressors. We see this now playing out in South Africa and if the leftist mob takes power in America it will also happen here. Just looks at the socialist agenda of the “woke” that took over the Democratic Party. The woke movement that advances people based on superficial characteristics makes clueless airheads like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez possible.

These humanist philosophies are also invading our Evangelical churches big time. Some are rightly sounding the alarm. They correctly say this social justice movement will redefine the gospel and split the Church.

The “woke” progressives war against the gospel of Christ but many Christian leaders are giving the social justice and woke movement validity in Evangelical churches. Should homosexuals now be put into church leadership just because those living in these sinful lifestyles were denied leadership roles in the past? Should Beth Moore dictate to the Southern Baptist churches her progressive way of redemption because Southern Baptists churches did not allow woman to be pastors? The Church is the body of Christ not a Marxist social club of equalitarianism. There has always been hierarchy in God’s creation. Equal outcome for all is not a biblical concept.

Are women really being oppressed by men in evangelical churches or do Christians just see that the Bible teaches that the two sexes (not twenty) have different but complementary roles? Do we really need progressive humanists redefining the scriptures for those in the Body of Christ? Progressives apparently think accommodating covetousness and sinful lifestyles in the Church brings about social justice.

We need to be aware that this leftist movement in Christendom is contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is another gospel. It should be condemned it is heresy. This post modern movement discounts the words of God and advances philosophies of twice dead men. Where this false gospel is preached, the words of God are seldom heard or they are redefined to say what reprobate minds wish to believe.

The market driven seeker movement actively brought the ungodly into the evangelical churches and now the ungodly prevailing there are throwing out the true gospel in those very same “churches”.

The cultural Marxist false gospel is now brainwashing students in just about all seminaries and Bible colleges. The students graduate and bring the leftist worldly philosophies they learned into the local churches. Whole denominations now being progressively “woke” are in danger of being woke up dead.

All believers are one in Christ. Romans and Greeks, slaves and free men, all share the same Lord’s table. God is sovereign. All in Christ are given gifts according to the will of God. There are no oppressed groups under a sovereign God. He lifts up and He pulls down whomever He pleases. Were Job and Abraham oppressors because they had many servants and were materially blessed by God? The social justice warriors would have you think so. A spiritual birth is the answer for all oppression and injustice in the world, not Marxist philosophies of men that just try to reform what is already condemned.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing and hirelings have got into Christian leadership and they are attempting to divide Christians into humanistic categories. This is not a movement of God that brings about sanctification and unity. It is a movement of Satan that continually brings about more sin and division. Christian elders need to be aware of this social justice and “woke” movement because it will be coming to many of your churches. You can stand against it, or watch your church be transformed into one of the thousands of Evangelical churches that are progressively being woke up dead.

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