(By Jeremiah Johnson) “Prophetic ministry flowing from those called to the office of prophet under the New Covenant still has the capacity to rebuke, correct, and discipline. Does it need to be done with brokenness and the right heart? Absolutely! But for the hyper-grace prophetic movement to now teach that the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross has banned prophets from delivering prophetic words that rebuke, bring correction, discipline, and call for repentance is heresy.  Here are five key indicators that the hyper-grace prophetic movement has overtaken a church culture or movement:

1. Warning the people that there are consequences for their sin and rebellion now gets prophets labeled as “doomsday prophets”.

2. Prophetic words calling for repentance and renouncing of specific sin is labeled as “judgmental and critical”.

3. If the prophetic words are not positive and encouraging, the prophet is labeled as “operating under the Old Covenant”.

4. Prophets who cry out for holiness and consecration and live a lifestyle of prayer and fasting are labeled “legalistic and harsh”.

5. Prophets who call out and expose false prophets and unbiblical practices are labeled “self-righteous, prideful, and rebellious”.

As we look at the life and ministry of Jesus and examine the New Testament, we see that correction, rebuke, uprooting, tearing down, and discipline are a part of prophetic ministry. Yes, building, planting, and encouraging are all a part of prophetic ministry but we must have balance! The same call that God gave Jeremiah in chapter 1 to tear down, uproot, overthrow, and destroy under the Old Covenant still holds weight under the New Covenant as demonstrated by Jesus Christ.”