Episcopal priest: Abortion is a blessing

A pro-life church leader says the new head of the National Abortion Federation misuses scripture to claim God’s support of abortion.

The pro-abortion organization has named Katherine Ragsdle, a lesbian Episcopal priest who married a woman in 2011 and previously served as president of Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as its new president and CEO.

Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life tells OneNewsNow appointing her to the new position is an insult to people of faith, as Ragsdale has maintained throughout her career that abortion is a blessing and that its providers are “modern-day saints” and “heroes.”

“When it is dressed up with the language and the vestments literally of religious belief, of scripture, of liturgy … this is a particular affront to the gospel of Jesus Christ and all those who believe in it,” Pavone contends.

He adds that Ragsdale is known for using scripture to justify abortion and to suggest the Bible gives its stamp of approval for the life-ending practice.

“Of course we know that scripture extols the freedom that God gives us, but it’s the freedom in the Spirit; it’s the freedom to do what’s right,” the pro-lifer asserts. “This group, the group of false prophets, takes the teaching on freedom and perverts it so that it’s the freedom to kill children.”

The Bible — in the Old Testament and New — is replete with scripture that proves God’s love for life, including for the preborn. Still, Pavone expects nothing to change at the National Abortion Federation, unless it worsens its attack against life for the preborn.

Charlie Butts (OneNewsNow.com)