Oprah: Christ is mentioned, but is redefined in such a way that does not resemble the biblical description.

Quotes:  “I am a Christian… I can show you how to be [a Christian] BUT IT IS NOT REQUIRED… ”

A true born again believer does not have respect for ‘ALL FAITHs’…but rather…we have respect for ALL PEOPLE.

“There is no life without spirituality.” /  NO, There is no life without Jesus Christ.

You need to  find a “REVERENCE FOR LIFE”.  (This is the same lady who is pro-abortion)


Her pluralism is unmistakable:   She states she is a christian, but in another breath states that there can’t be only one way to God.

She claims to be a christian, but when you examine her definition of what a christian is, it simply does not exist.   JCW