It’s Marvelous!

During one of the worst seasons of my life.   With little hope for continuing, and even less for finishing, I heard this song for the first time.  The verse reminding me of my history, but the chorus, THE CHORUS went straight into the deepest part of my truest self;  and i became instantly and forever aware that what God had done for me in Christ was Amazing, A Miracle, An Unspeakable and Glorious Scandal…. but what was ahead of me was equally as marvellous.

My situation was the same, but the clouds…they rolled back,  the darkness…now had rays of light that were shining through,  the hopelessness….gave way to hope,   the desperation….was dialoging with faith and faith had the upper hand.

In it all and through it all…. his grace is sufficient, and even more than that…IT’S MARVELOUS!