One side or the other

The cry from the unaware and unlearned is that we should be striving for unity, to be as one; When God’s word teaches us clearly that “how can two walk together lest they agree”. Not on every specific thing, but in those that are priority.
One side is violent, the other side is civil.
One side defaces and sets fires to businesses; the other side protects them.
One side slanders, mocks, threatens, attacks and murders innocent police officers; the other side supports and appreciates those who serve us.
One side disrupts business, traffic, industry, fire and ambulance service; the other, well of course sees the insanity of that.
One side believes in freedom of speech for all; the other side is p.c. and demands that every voice that disagrees with them be silent, or pay the consequences.
One side is marxist and socialist: the other side is capitalist.
One side is for globalism; the other side is for nationalism.
One side is for illegal immigration; the other side is for LEGAL immigration.
One side is anti-semitic; the other side is a friend of the jewish people.
One side is all for entitlements; the other side is the one that pays for them.
One side hates this country and fights against it every chance they get; the other side loves this country (flaws and all) and fights FOR IT, here and abroad, purchasing and protecting the freedoms that they and the OTHER SIDE enjoys.
One side is a supporter of the abortion mills; the other side fights for the life of innocent children.
One side stands against the God ordained structure of the family; the other side lives to support theirs.
One side affirms, supports and demands that others do as well, all forms of sexual immorality, perversion, deviance and depravity, even teaching it to our pre-school children; the other side stands with God on his design of marriage, and sex in the confines of that covenant.
One side laughs at the narrowness of the other side; while the other side shakes their head at the ignorance of the other side.
One side has the media, elected officials, celebrities and global bankers backing them; the other side has God Himself honoring them WHERE AND ONLY WHEN THEY STAND WITH TRUTH.
So yeah i guess there are two basic sides in this new war between the progressive left, blm, democratic leaders, apostate ministers, confused professing believers and young sjw’s and the rest of us.
And after reading this you will probably find yourself in one of two camps, shaking your head in anger (one side) or nodding your head in agreement (other side).

As far me, I am far removed from being ashamed and proud to stand on the side where i believe truth and sanity reside; Having said that, I think i will wish you all a good night, as i get ready to NOD myself to sleep.