One Word, One Touch

Luke 8:49-56, “He (Jesus), however, took her by the hand and called, saying, ‘Child, arise!’” One touch, one word can change everything. Immediately, in an instant…what was gives way.

Weeping becomes rejoicing. Scorn becomes wonder. Doubt becomes trust. And life returns to that which was dead just moments before. All because of one touch and one word. Like a stone thrown into a pond of water, Jesus’ touch and words become a point of life-changing impact, one from which the ensuing ripples transform everyone involved.

Consider the following. One touch, one word from Jesus was enough to… • Stop their WEEPING and start their REJOICING. Jesus enters the home to find tears of grief and wails of despair. He leaves behind Him tears of joy and shouts of glory. • Stop their SCORN and start their WONDER. Imagine the scene. God has just declared words of life, words of hope. He has granted divine perspective to a broken people, “…she has not died…”. Their response? They laughed Him to scorn. Why? Because they thought their knowledge was greater than God’s. They knew death. The little girl was dead. Anyone could clearly see that. What they failed to realize was that even though they knew death, Jesus knows life. I imagine that no one was laughing any more when that little girl walked out of the room. (I pray that God would marvel me in a similar fashion, that He would silence the foolishness of my own unbelief when I too am faced with seemingly impossible need!) •

Stop their DOUBT and start their TRUST. When the evidence of God’s power and grace is standing right before you it is hard to doubt. Their previous declaration of faith? “Your daughter has died; do not trouble the Teacher anymore.” After the events of that day, I imagine they never considered another situation as being too difficult for Him. Aren’t you glad that Jesus keeps going forward even when all the other voices both around us and within us tell us it’s too late? •

Stop DEATH and start LIFE. Jesus takes her by the hand, one touch, and told her to get up, one word (in the Greek). And that was all it took. Her spirit returned and immediately she got up from death. One word, one touch…. that is all that potentially stands between where you are right now and the place where God wants to take you. Is it really that simple? It can be. My recommendation is that you take time this week and get alone with Him. Go into an inner room with Jesus and shut everything else out. Let Him touch you. Let Him speak to you. Let Him change everything.

December 8, 2010  Lawrence, Glenn W.. Black Bees and Unanswered Prayers: My Journey to Find Hope (Kindle Locations 118-129). Xulon Press. Kindle Edition.