A “Sex Change Surgery” Is a Lie, Says Surgeon; No One Can Change Sex

According to a plastic surgeon in Alabama, the idea that a surgery can change someone’s sex is a lie. In fact, the surgeon, Dr. Patrick Lappert, claims that performing the body mutilation procedure is actually a form of body “tyranny.”

Lappert made the remarks on a podcast episode entitled Trending with Timmerrie on Relevant Radio. The surgeon pulled no punches in regard to the biological absurdity of “sex change surgery” and pointed out that no matter the degree of bodily mutilation that takes place, no one can physically change their sex.

When asked by the podcast host to describe a “sex change,” Lappert responded…

Asked “What is a sex change?”

“Well, to begin with, the idea that you can change someone’s sex is a lie. Many people have been led to believe by a lot of very clever programs and advertising from plastic surgeons and whatnot that you can actually change a man into a woman or a girl into a boy or anything like that. You cannot. Essentially all you can do is you can modify people’s bodies both with medicines as well as with surgery to make them appear to be the other sex, but they will never be the other sex.

Lappert was trained and Board Certified first as a general surgeon, then as a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He is a veteran of the Naval Service, retiring with the rank of Captain, USN, after serving for 24 years. In addition to being the Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for the Portsmouth Naval Hospital, he also served the Surgeon General, USN, as the Specialty Leader for Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Lappert established the Craniofacial Reconstructive Surgery Unit, as well as the Wound Care Center for the largest medical treatment facility in the world.

Lappert was simply iterating what nearly anyone with an understanding of biology already knows… it’s impossible to change sex.

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