‘All ages’ drag-queen show ignites anger

Amid protests, parents escorted children to an all-ages drag-queen show in Denver on July 5 (CBS4 Denver)

An all-ages, drag queen show in Denver on Sunday drew protesters, who were kept behind a fence with a strong police presence.

About a dozen People participated in the show organized by Mile High Comics, reported the CBS television affiliate in Denver.

The show has taken place the first Saturday of the month for the past six months.

KCNC-TV said the children participating in the program were escorted by adults.

“These kids are so brave. To be able to share their gifts and their talents,” said Elizabeth Mitchell. “I am a Christian and because I am a mother of a gay child and because my granddaughter is performing in this today. There is a lot of emotion and a lot of conflict for me.”

A protesters told KCNC: “We have to protect ourselves in a defensive matter. We’re not promoting any kind of violence or hatred.”

Drag queen events across the nation organized for children are becoming increasingly confrontational.

WND reported a library in Renton, Washington, went beyond its drag queen story time, staging a “pride celebration” that offered to teens “free lunch and dinner! Fun crafts! Loads of activities! Open mic! Karaoke! Advice panels, Safer sex presentations! A drag show! Free swag!”

Some parents found out, however, and showed up and started asking questions.

The library reacted by calling police to remove the parents.

Todd Starnes interviewed some of the parents on his radio program to find out what the library was up to.

He found that the library managers would rather call police and have parents removed from the public property than answer their questions about the sex toys being handed out to tweens and teens,

The library, which passed out free condoms and lubricant, held a raffle for “chest binders,” which are used by girls who believe they are boys to bind their breasts.

“A number of concerned citizens showed up at the King’s County library wondering what in the name of Dewey Decimal was going on,” he explained. “But when the parents started asking questions, librarians called the police and the concerned citizens were physically removed from the property.”

Starnes said “taxpayers should be absolutely concerned about what is going on between the stacks behind closed doors.”

A drag queen event in Ohio was canceled when the speaker of the state House of Representatives called out the “stunningly bizarre” idea.

It was the public library in Licking County that dropped the event after House Speaker Larry Householder, a Republican, wrote the Ohio Library Council about it. Aimed at teenagers, it featured “a tutorial on applying makeup for dressing drag and a guide to safe sex.”

But other events already have taken place in Beloit, Wisconsin; Long Beach, California; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Houston. There, a library hired convicted child-sex offender to read books to children.

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