​A mom’s attempt to promote ​feminist values by telling a stranger and her son to leave a public space drew the ire of a mommy-blogger last week.

​Writing to Washington Post advice columnist Carolyn Hax in April, the mother in question described a playgroup, made up exclusively of moms and daughters, that she and her daughter attended at a public park.

“Recently a mom of a boy brought her son to the playground at the same time we were there,” the socially conscious parent recounted. “I asked her (nicely, I thought) if she would mind leaving because we had wanted it to be a girls-only time. She refused and seemed angry at me.”

The advice-seeker continued by inquiring as to whether there was a “better way” she could have approached the stranger and her son, but made sure to note that “We live in a world where boys get everything and girls are left with the crumbs, and I would think this mom would realize that, but she seems to think her son is entitled to crash this girls-only time.”

How, the woman wondered, could she appeal to the other mom’s “better nature?”

Hax really let her have it.

“Goddess help us all. Shooing off the mom and her boy was terrible. And justifying it as a cosmic correction? Wow,” the columnist replied.

“That kid is a human being–not with privileged little man feelings, either, but with feelings, period. Perhaps even a disposition that fit better into your idea of girl behavior than one or more of the girls there,” Hax said. “People are not widgets. And the adult you shooed off is a mom, possessor of the same crumbs you’ve been fed, no? So don’t you think she would have just liked to hang with some fellow moms in the park while she was out with her child?”

“And if you’re going to accuse anyone of being ‘entitled,’ then ask yourself who was claiming possession of public space for her own purposes,” Hax added as a kicker.

Commenters back in April were similarly horrified by the ​fe​minist mom’s brazenness. “There’s malice & then there’s sheer ignorance + stupidity + total lack of judgment,” wrote one.

And blogger Prudence Hill was so appalled by the mother’s behavior it inspired her to ​w​rite a takedown last week.

“I’ve seen families start to separate along gender lines, and not because of the men,” Hill argued. “It’s the moms who separate themselves and their daughters to a point that it becomes exclusive. In doing so, they present a warped view of gender equality to that of the most stereotypical male chauvinist.”

Justifying “no boys allowed” parties with “a lot of political justifications is harmful nonsense,” she opined.

“It doesn’t help boys or girls learn to play together. It’s just cliquish, mean girl behavior held together by a feminist scrunchy.”