Obama’s Ignorance in Minimizing & Downplaying Russia as a Threat; Do you remember 2014 / Why is everyone so silent?

Ralph Peters: Obama Calling Russia A Regional Power Shows His “Utter Historical Illiteracy”

LT. COL. RALPH PETERS: I was mortified by the inanity and the ludicrous nature of President Obama’s remarks in the Netherlands yesterday.

BILL HEMMER: That’s an interesting point because he basically said three things, he’s trying to minimize Putin. He called it a regional power, not a super power referring to Russia, and said they were threatening their immediate neighbors and said Russia is acting out of weakness, which is something he has said for some time now. Do you have any problem with those word choices?

PETERS: They are idiotic. It is showing the president’s utter illiteracy. When he tries to dismiss Russia as a “regional power” he is forgetting that Nazi Germany was a regional power, they gave us World War Two in Europe and the holocaust. Japan wasn’t a global power, it was a regional power and it gave us Pearl Harbor. So trying to pooh pooh any real danger from Russia, is absolutely ridiculous.

And even beyond that, this idea that Putin is acting in weakness… Look, Putin just dismembered a country, took Crimea. We can’t get him out of there, we’re afraid of the guy. And he’s weak. Obama just got mugged. And he’s claiming the mugger did it out of weakness.



Many of the links that covered Obama’s downplaying and minimizing Russia as a threat and world power have been removed from the internet.   The link is there, but it shows ERROR, when you try to pull it up.

Notice the silence of all of his and Hillary’s supporters now when Russia is one of the main players in the Syrian Crisis, and the 3 nation alliance being formed at the border of Israel.