Report: Airstrikes in Syria targeted secret Iranian UAV base

Intelligence and media reports continue to surface; Newest reports claim target of strikes was top secret Iranian drone base; Arab media suggests Russians knew of strike.



New details continue to surface on Israel’s strikes in Syria, reports claiming Israel targeted a top secret Iranian drone base.

On Sunday, Russia confirmed that the strikes targeted the western part of the base, its Defense Ministry claiming “On April 9…  two Israeli Air Force F-15 jets carried out an airstrike by two guided missiles on the T-4 airfield [Tiyas] from the Lebanese territory and without entering Syria’s airspace.” It reported that 3 of 8 missiles fired hit the target in the “western part of the airfield”, and that the other 5 were destroyed by Syrian air defense systems.

According to Arab media reports, Israel targeted an Iranian UAV operation center and Iranian arms warehouse, both of which were top secret and in the western part of the base. Some of the sources suggested Israel was able to hit these targets “after they received the exact location from senior Russian officials”.

Media reports from sources within Iran’s Revolutionary Guard claimed on Monday that Iran’s leadership is upset with Russia, claiming the Russians were aware of the airstrike ahead of time. Reports also claim that the west section of the T-4 base was “strictly Iranian” and is believed to have been an Iranian drone base.

Additionally, one of the four Iranians killed in strikes was from the Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Force which develops drones.

In February, the IDF targeted the location of a drone that was launched into Israeli territory as well as other Iranian positions in Syria, the Syrian Army firing heavily on the Israeli jets. Syrian Army anti-aircraft fire hit one of the F-16’s in the strikes, the Israeli pilots ejecting from the plane into Israeli territory where the aircraft crashed. The IDF confirmed the attack stating at the time “A combat helicopter successfully intercepted an Iranian UAV that was launched from Syria and infiltrated Israel. In response, the IDF targeted Iranian targets in Syria. The IDF will continue to operate against attempts to infiltrate Israeli airspace and will act with determination to prevent any violations of Israel’s sovereignty.”

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