Teacher Receives Three-year Suspension for Calling Homosexuality a Sin on Facebook

A high school teacher has been issued a three-year suspension after she called homosexuality a sin on Facebook. Jenye “Viki” Knox had been teaching at Union High School since 2000 as a teacher and faculty adviser for the students’ Bible study group. The trouble started when Knox openly criticized an LGBTQIA+ promotion featured in the school’s display glass. “Why parade your unnatural immoral behaviors before the rest of us?” she commented. “Homosexuality is a perverted spirit … I know sin and it breeds like cancer,” Knox, 56, continued.

Sodomy is “unnatural immoral behavior” that is “against the Nature and Character of God,” she said. When these comments got her into trouble with the school district, Knox declared that she was compelled to “love and speak and do what’s right!” Knox was slapped with various charges, including that she had accused homosexual teachers of “targeting young and impressionable students for indoctrination into alternative sexual lifestyles,” according to NJ.com. Midway through 2012, Knox resigned, citing “stress” from the whole ordeal.

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