WATCH: Journalists Repeatedly Call Cuba Embassy ‘Historic’ And Jerusalem Embassy ‘Controversial’

The United States officially moved its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Monday, and the liberal news outlets covered as you would expect them too. Almost all of the cable news talk show hosts, besides Fox News, said that the new Jerusalem embassy was “controversial” while praising the U.S. embassy in Cuba as “historic,” reports The Washington Free Beacon. 

Many news coverages of the embassy opening in Jerusalem this week was also played against the ongoing clashes between Palestinians and Israelis in Jerusalem and Gaza.  All of the networks chose to highlight how the embassy opening had possibly caused these fights to increase and were only marked by controversy instead of the landmark that it was.

When covering the opening of the U.S. embassy in Cuba in 2015 which marked the reopening of trade and easy travel between the U.S. and Cuba under the Obama administration, the opening was marked with words of praise and a historical achievement. President Trump hasn’t received any praise from the mainstream media over his embassy opening in Jerusalem even though it is the same if not more of a landmark event as the one that happened in Cuba.

Many Trump officials, including Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner who was at the opening ceremony in Jerusalem, condemned the violence that was happening just a few miles away from the embassy. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also condemned the violence and said that the U.S. embassy was not responsible for the resulting violence.

A look back at when former President Barack Obama announced the U.S. would normalize relations with the communist country of Cuba shows those in the media reported the historic action with smiles on their faces and with little to no mention of the controversy surrounding the decision.

It’s clear that biased journalistic work like what is shown in the video that makes fake news possible and liberal journalists should be ashamed of themselves.

Isabelle Weeks