USWNT Player Ashlyn Harris During Victory Parade: ‘Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife…I’m Comin’ for Y’all B*tches’

Another member of the U.S. Women’s National Team has been seen in an expletive-laden rant on video, this time it’s goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris who was on video dropping f-bombs during Wednesday’s World Cup celebration parade in New York.

Like team co-captain, Megan Rapinoe, Harris also seems to have a habit of using thoroughly foul language she proudly displays on video.

A compilation video of Harris and her teammates celebrating during the World Cup parade shows Harris constantly addressing the camera as “bitch,” and liberally using the guttural phrase “motherf***er,” SBNation reported.

In one short segment, Harris yells, “Hide your kids, hide your wife, and lock your f***in’ doors because we got the key to the motherf***in’ city, and I’m comin’ for all y’all bitches.”

Warner Todd Huston