Trump, Socialism, and the Jews

Winston Churchill called Jews “the most formidable and the most remarkable race, which has ever appeared in the world.”  As a Jew, I am perplexed by the Jews’ remarkably irrational commitment to the Democratic Party and their formidable opposition to Donald Trump.

The old saw, “There are two types of Jews: those who believe that Judaism is about social justice and those who know Hebrew,” contains more than a kernel of truth.  By and large, orthodox Jews voted for Trump in 2016, showing superior foresight.

Domestically, as the Trump economic policies are producing prosperity and economic dynamism, Jews benefit just as the rest of Americans and arguably more.  Internationally, Trump has proven to be an unabashed supporter of Israel; he terminated the Iranian nuclear deal, moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, persuaded Saudi Arabia to cooperate with Israel against Iran, and broke the back of the Palestinian Authority.  He destroyed ISIS and supplied Israel with the most sophisticated weaponry in the American arsenal.  Incredibly, he has accomplished all of this in his first 18 months in office.  No American president has done for Israel so much in such a short period of time.  As a matter of record, with the exception of President Richard Nixon, no president has done for Jews and Israel so much, period.

A vast majority of American Jews remain unimpressed.  They are not motivated by concerns for Israel; they are not motivated by the interests of the United States and are eminently not practical about their own necessities.  What they all passionately care about is social justice.  Social justice, in terms of helping the sick and the poor, is deeply embedded in Judaism; for Jews, it is a case of irrational obsession.  With the emergence of the industrial revolution and massive generation of wealth, Jews took up economic inequality and embraced ideas of socialism.

The Jewish love affair with socialism which began in Russia with the fanaticism of the grandparents has been transformed into the fear of the parents and subsequently into the conviction of the children and grandchildren; it is embedded deeply in the Jewish DNA.

Living in ghettos for two millennia, the Jewish people have been struggling to reconcile their tragic history with the logic of modern reality.  They have a difficult time coming to terms with the freedom and equal opportunities that America offers.  They continue to fight for social justice, refusing to recognize that, as far as Jews are concerned, what they have accomplished in this country goes well beyond their wildest expectations.  Sons and daughters of the first immigrants, who dug trenches and washed dishes in New York, became doctors, lawyers, senators, bankers, and industrialists.

Unfortunately, the descendants of the first immigrants inherited the genetic memories of their ghetto ancestors.  They feel guilty for achieving a standard of living as good as or better than any other ethnic group in this country.  The guilt associated with their own success has led them to take on, and support, the cause of every underdog and liberal and socialist movement in sight, no matter how undeserving, no matter how irrational.

Although socialism brought terrible suffering to Jews, they would not abandon their devotion to the cause.  As prominent Zionist Zev Jabotinsky once said, “logic is an art of the Greeks; a Jew has his own logic.  Jewish logic is the logic of catastrophe.  Jews do not detect danger; they face it when it comes.”

But history punishes willful blindness, and catastrophes keep reappearing.

In many ways, the 1917 socialist revolution in Russia was in fact a Jewish revolution.  Jews founded and shaped the Soviet state.  Yet these same Jewish Bolsheviks quickly became the first state’s victims.  Over the next twenty years, by 1937, practically all of them were executed or murdered abroad.

In the late 1920s, some German Jews voted for Hitler’s National Socialist Party, only to become victims of the Holocaust a decade later.  They chose to ignore Hitler’s anti-Semitic rhetoric; he could not be bad, much less evil.  After all, he was a socialist!

Jews passionately supported and continue to admire Franklin D. Roosevelt, who in 1939 denied entry for Jews seeking asylum from Nazi extermination and sent them back to the concentration camps.  Nevertheless, Jews voted for FDR and still love him – after all, the New Deal was a giant step toward socialism.

In our own time, Jews continue to ignore the teachings of Karl Marx, their fellow member of the tribe, that socialism is about redistribution of wealth.  The aim is to take it from the rich, even though there are many Jews among them.  This is what Bernie Sanders’s suicidal “Future to Believe In” is about.

What is really remarkable is that over the last century, no social macrocosm has more consistently voted against its own self-interest and survival.  We may expose Jewish devotion to socialism and shame Jews for betraying their own interests; however, conviction is stronger than reason.

As the leadership of the Democratic Party dropped all pretenses and openly advocates socialism in this country, the heritable socialists impelled by conviction will ignore once again the political necessities and vote for the party that speaks their language.