Archbishop Of Portland Exorcises City; Really, by what power, what authority and what name?

The archbishop of Portland, Oregon, reportedly performed the rite of exorcism last week over the city that has been roiled with continuous unrest since the death of George Floyd in May.

Archbishop Alexander Sample, who has served as the archbishop of Portland since 2013, held a Eucharistic procession through the city last weekend and also prayed over it the “Exorcism Against Satan and the Fallen Angels” from the Roman Ritual, according to the Catholic News Agency.

This faulty, diseased and ungodly ritual gives us this advice.

1).  It can only be given to priests who have this specific authorization from their Ordinary.

2).  They then pray to Michael the arch-angel to defend us in battle against principalities and powers.

3)  We then stand in the name of Jesus Christ (wait for it) and leaning upon the intercession of Mary, the spotless virgin, the mother of God, St. Michael the archangel, the blessed apostles Peter and Paul, and all the saints, and by the AUTHORITY RESIDING IN OUR HOLY MINISTRY.


You may have the cathedrals and the wealth of the world,  the monastaries, the pomp and splender,  the  mysteries and influence over much of the massess.

But you are a false religion, preaching a different gospel,  powered by an  unholy Spirit;  Satan cannot cast out satan, so you words and works are nothing but vapor.

There is no vicar; other than Christ the Lord.

There is no catholic church, only the body of christ.

There is no mediator between God and man except Jesus the Christ (nor mediatrix).

There is no appeal to dead saints to join us in our petitions to be heard by God;  Christ made this opening through a new and living way that is to say his flesh, and know that he is the high priest over the house of God we may come in (by him) with no other person, no other influence, no other work, symbol, status, practice, beads, rites, candles, chants, mantras….just his finished work.

I can firmly and confidently say that your religion is false and your efforts are futile;  for while you mention the name of Jesus Christ it is not the one of the bible, but one created in your image, supported by your idols to dead men and co-governed by a mother who was herself a partaker of sin by birth.

No Catholicism is not christianity, and their exorcism is nothing more than a hidden group of demons being introduced to a visible group of demons both set on destroying the design, intentions and people of God upon the earth.   The evil in portland works in the dark, the evil in catholocism works in the light (but it is a false light);  the one similar to what Satan hides behind while he transforms himself for deceptive purposes into an angel of light.

So there will be no true biblical, holy exorcism you can guarantee that;   a greater probability would be a swapping of satanic soldiers that may better be used in the other place.

Better bring some thick costumes, long staffs, big head pieces and some running shoes……  Cause those demons you are going after (that are very real, and not confused about who they are) may turn on you like the Sons of Sceva.