Have we absolutely lost our collective mind and soul?

Have we absolutely lost our collective mind and soul?

Of all the assaults, arson, looting, rioting, threats, marches of intimidation and MURDER of police and people on the wrong side of their protests….. THE PEOPLE WHO PAINTED over something painted on the street are guilty of a Hate Crime!!!

This has got to stop, I would to God someone on the BLM side of this would stand up and point out the ludicrous disparity between murder, assault and paint.

By the hundreds, buildings, businesses, personal homes, cars and government buildings were smeared with graffiti from BLM to f**k the police and yet these people with rollers painting over that phrase is a hate crime.

Can’t you see the danger in this disparity? All you have to do is fall on the wrong side of the narrative by speech or actions you can be charged with a felony.

And to my fellow believers, what are you going to do when preaching or saying that Jesus Christ is the only way to Salvation is considered hate speech?