When i am told to be a better christian

My sin is ever before me and my heart criticizes and condemns me long before you do about why and how i should be a better christian.

If my stand for the truth was based on my track record, then i wouldn’t stand much, wouldn’t say much, and wouldn’t influence many at all.

So what are we as flawed people to do in a world that has no morals, no bearings, no moorings and no rudder; and our history is one of sin – repentance, sin-repentance and repeat.

We are to stand in his righteousness not our own,

We are to stand in his truth, not “our truth” or “your truth”.

We are to stand in his stead; as ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are to stand in his presence; knowing he sees all, hears all, knows all, and is a defender of those that fear him.

We are to stand up, stand out, stand firm and stand confident.

Confident that our shield of faith will extinguish all the feiry darts of every enemey.

Confident that if we suffer for him, we shall reign with him.

Confident that when we are targeted, maligned, persecuted and attacked for his name sake, that our reward will be great in the kingdom of heaven.

Confident that God feels what we feel, and understands fully (even greater) what it means to suffer outside the camp of the popular and the decieved, bearing the reproach of God.

Confident that there will come a day where the Lord himself will reveal those who are his and those who are his enemies and or imposters.

Be strong in the Lord saints, and in the power of His might; don’t cave in to the pressure of a godless society or those who have sold the approval of God for the acceptance of man.

Don’t swap your heavenly crown, for one made out of the aluminum foil of the day.

Christ is at the door, and when he comes, will he even find faith in the earth? Will he find it in you?