If Christ died for my sins….
Should i still carry the guilt of them,
Should i still be bound by them,
Should i still be comfortable around those who practice them,
Should i live as close as possible to them, even if i am not practicing them.

If Christ rose from the dead to give me life…..
Should i live in dead places,
Should i live with dead people,
Should i hold on to dead ways and relationships,
Should i travel paths that lead to cemetaries.

If Christ is the light of my world….
Why would i or could i gravitate to darkness?
Why would i listen or watch dark things?
Should my light be on or off, bright or dim, steady or blinking?

If Christ is my ultimate priority and greatest joy….
Then what or who could be more important?
Then what or who could be more enjoyed?
Then what or who could i be more invested or engrossed in?
Then how could i rationalize any attitude, beliefs or behaviors that would bring shame or harm to his name or people?

IF i would honestly answer the IF’S in my life, then i wouldn’t have to rationalize and explain all the WHY’S in my life.

And my light would shine brightly, my salt will have not lost it’s savor, i would have influence with those who i share life with and i would grow closer and closer to Christ, reflecting his image and bring him greater glory.

If only……