When we spend more than we have in our account we bounce checks.
When we spend more than we have in our spiritual, emotional and relational accounts we bounce checks there as well.

There are two ways to fix this problem. (Deposit more, spend less)
We make deposits by time in God’s word, prayer and worship.
We make deposits by solitude.
We make deposits by doing those things and spending time with those people who replenish you.
We make deposits by getting healthy.
We make deposits by getting enough rest.

We spend less-by decreasing stimuli in our life.
We spend less-by limiting our time with draining people.
We spend less- by simplifying our life.
We spend less -by refusing to burn the candle on both ends, and do without instead.

One thing for certain.
With every bounced check there is an additional fee as well as the amount of the written check to begin with. And if you don’t make changes, this thing could spiral out of control.
Those check fees will add up quickly.