Something big, something soon.

i am not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, nor am i trying to be an alarmist; but i keep having the thought that a major event (like 9/11 or japan tsunami, assasination or something not forseen) is right at the door, but it will garner global attention. “chaos” is the word.

i cannot say “thus saith the Lord”, but i cannot shake the idea that it is coming, coming soon and will be connected to the prophetic timeline of the bible, or will be a warning sign shot over the bow of our nation and the world….that the judge is at the door.

i felt today a strong impression to post this, so it would be on line, if and before it happens.

If nothing happens, then i am guilty of doing what i felt i was led to do.
If nothing else, it is one more warning for all of us that Christ is at the door; bringing salvation for his church and judgment for the world.