The generation gap

Growing up as a teenager in the 70’s i would hear the term “generation gap” everywhere, and this was before cable, cell phones, social media etc…

“generation gap” = i think i see it more clearly now.

there was an ignorance gap; between those who had lived and those who had theories about life.

there was a maturity gap; between those who thought that following what was popular was the same as following what was right.

there was a responsibility gap; between those who were the recipients and those who were providers.

there was a employment gap; between those who paid the taxes and those who lived off of them.

there was a credibility gap; between those whose voice was loud and those whose life was loud.

there was a character gap; between the immoral, indecent, contentious and deceived

there was a dependability gap; between those who lived for pleasure and those who lived with purpose.

there was a patriotic gap; between those who appreciated their flawed nation, and those who took it’s best and gave their worst.

there was a respect for law enforcement gap; between those who knew the difference between the good officers and the outliers.

there was a religious and spiritual gap; between the true christians and all the eastern religions flooding the scene.

there was a honor gap; between those who were living a legacy and those whose sole mission was to destroy one.

there was a DISCIPLINE gap; between the dr. spock crowd and the “you’re gonna need a doctor after i wear your butt out” parents.

there was a morality gap; between those who stood for family and morals and the free sex, make love not war camp. The free sex song had now become free sex (with anyone and anything)

and so on, and so on.

i said all that to say this; the bible teaches us that there is nothing new under the son, what is seen today has been seen before………. another generation, that has never been a generation, believing they know better than the previous generation, with no idea how far off from being a legitimate generation they really are.

Back then the hippies put flowers in the end of the policemens rifle, protesting the war, but it was many of those wars fought that gave them the FREEDOM and OPPORTUNITY to protest.

Now they stand in front of him screaming with phones recording, hoping that he flinches so they can take his life or his job.

Make no mistake about it, there was something to protest then, and there most assuredly is something to protest now…..

But the ignorance on display only undermines the cause.

The gap is still just as wide, the ignorance is just as common, the disdain just as deep, and the voice of reason just as ignored.

If Jesus tarries< i wonder that the gap will look like to them when they are on the other side of it.