Finding Life

life is not fair… but it can be full.
life is not easy…but it can be navigated.
life is not predictable…but it can be planned for.
life is not a straight line….but is filled with highs and low.

the key to life for many unbelievers seems to be; to fill your life with enough things, recreation, pleasure or self-medication where the good outweighs the bad.

but the key for the believer is not to fill our lives with earthly things, but gradually empty them so that they can be filled with heavenly treasures, eternal treasures, enduring treasures.

we are not trying to just survive; we are going somewhere.
we have a dinner appointment at the marriage supper of the lamb, and nothing eternal will ever be lost.

those who are saving their life have lost it,  and those who have seemingly lost their life (In Christ) have found it…
(Colossians 2:10)  “And we are complete in Him”.