“The Impending, Imminent, Promised and Sudden Return of Jesus Christ our Lord”

If we knew…..
* God’s love for us we would not be able to not love him back.
* How close we were to his return, we would cut ourselves free /
unhindered from everything that would hold us back.
* And believed the wrath to come we would pray earnestly that
we would be counted worthy to escape the great and terrible
day of the Lord.
* How many deceivers and false christs there are, and how
many false gospels there are, and how many false spirits bear
witness and propogate them; we would study his word so
thoroughly and know his voice so intimate that nothing false or
imitation would pass through the filter of our mature intimacy
with him.
Jesus was clear about his return….
* Many would think they were going with him… to which he
replied, i never knew you.
* Many would be indifferent, apathetic and scoffing at the idea of
his return.caught
* Many would be among the wise virgins, but having no oil
would be locked out of the wedding supper.
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:
* Time is so short, our Saviors coming is at the door.
* Sanctify yourself from this world, every idle, every affection,
every compromise and pocket of sin and rebllion.
* And Consecrate yourself wholly unto God, presenting your
body as a living sacrifice, wholly acceptable unto him which is
your reasonable service.
(Hebrews 9) is crystal clear; it is unto THEM THAT LOOK FOR HIM, shall he appear a second time, not unto sin but unto salvation.
First coming for the saints IN THE AIR at the rapture of the church, and then at the revealing at the Second Coming TO THE EARTH with the saints.
Don’t let this day overtake you, for it comes as as thief in the night, when no one is expecting it.
p.s. no one that is taken away will be surprised or disappointed the only surprised ones will be the ones who did not believe or prepare, who thought they could love God and the world at the same time, and those who thought God’s love meant that he could not be exclusive.