Things that may be to come

From the moment our president was elected there has been a non stop assault upon his person, his cabinet, his efforts, his family, and the people who voted for him.
The efforts of incessant slander and mockery, manufactured migrant caravan, kavenaugh hearing, russian collussion, impeachment debacle, corona virus, destruction of our economy through shut down, have led us to where we are today.
I hope i am not correct, but i believe in the next several months leading up to the election and immediately following if Jesus tarries, we will more than likely see the following:
1). SPECIFIC TERRORIST ATTACKS: (ex; local bombings, nuclear threat, UN expansion, foreign invasion, / 9/11 scale)
Something unforseen, unmistakable, causing IMMEDIATE upheaval, fear and blame forced upon a national foundation that is already cracked beyond repair.
2). MULTIPLE INDICTMENTS OF HIGHLY VISIBLE GOVERNMENTAL AND CELEBRITY FIGURES, involved in crimes of treason, mass pedophilia, sex trafficking, corporate and governmental espionage, etc…. and the list will be so vast, that it will be hard to take it in.
3). ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION OF OUR PRESIDENT, his family, V.P and or his family; maybe even multiple attempts.
4). PHYSICAL RETALIATION FROM THE SILENT MAJORITY, maybe even one or more taking a vigilante approach to stop the violence, looting, arson, etc… then painting all who are opposed to the narrative as right wing terrorist.
This much is for certain; the backdrop of chaos and confusion is now at a boiling point and one more big event could blow the lid of the kettle. But all of this is simply setting the stage for the man of sin (lawlessness, the anti-chirst) to usher in a time of pseudo peace, pseudo safety, pseudo harmony.
And it is MY FIRM CONVICTION, that our Lord Jesus Christ is at the door and will appear unto those who look for him (Heb 9:27). And that we are children of the day, so that night should not catch us unawares.
Now is the time to get ready, get on the ark, leave everything that is not eternal behind, and look skyward because with no notice God himself will shut the door and then the rains of wrath will come.
But those who are inside will escape the great and terrible day of the Lord.