Personal Repentance.

As a nation….

We have turned our backs upon the truth;  so the land is filled with lies.

We have turned our backs upon the living God;  and false gods have set up their shrines in our hearts.

We have turned our backs upon discipline;  and a generation of entitled children posing as adults have been born.

We have turned our backs upon law and order;  and lawlessness is fast becoming the accepted norm.

We have turned our backs upon common sense;  and ignorance disguised as political correctness has taken center stage.

We have turned our backs upon morality and holiness of life;  and the land is filled with every form of iniquity, perversion and abomination.


We sowed to wind and we have wept the whirlwind.

We closed our ears to the cry of millions of aborted babies;  and God has all but closed his ears to us.

We winked at sin;  and it has overtaken our land, our homes and our churches.


But we can do something, right now, the most important thing.    As an individual we can repent.  For every sin, rebellion, lie and wickedness.

For  our compromises and our callousness, for our lukewarmness and our lunacy.

We can lay aside every weight and the sin that does so easily beset us, and run the race that is set before us.  Don’t worry about who is in audience, and what the social, political an main stream media think of our turn and pursuit of God;   just run!

Run back to Him, Run into Him, Run toward Him, Run for Him.


The last page of history as being written and Christ is at the door;  it may be too late for a number of things, but it’s not to late to repent.