It angers me to hear how the secular world is offended!

you tell me through television, internet, the news, sitcoms, reality t.v. etc.. that you are offended by my faith, my beliefs, and my categorizations of what is sin and what is acceptable.

well it is i, who am offended.
i am offended that you saturate the world with your godless ideas and your false gospels; despising, mocking and slandering christians and the christian faith every chance you get.

i am ashamed that you spend great energy and resources protecting turtle eggs, and murder our children by the millions, BY THE MILLIONS.
break one of these turtle eggs and i have committed a crime punishable by fine and or imprisonment; murder a child because you don’t want it, it would be an inconvenience, and not only is it allowed, but in many cases paid for by the government.

How can a turtle still in an egg be a turtle, but a baby in the womb is not a baby.
i am offended at your ignorance, parading as knowledge, being recognized as wisdom.

i am offended that you minimize, excuse, even celebrate immorality, adultery, homosexuality and all forms of perversion in every venue you can find.

i am offended that you would tell me how i should live based on what you allow, what you esteem, and what satisfies your flesh.

i am offended that you try to teach my children alternate lifestyles, alternate religions, secular humanism and the worst of all relativism.
i am offended you that you try to teach my children they evolved from animals and will ultimately evolve into little god’s themselves.
i am offended that you call darkness – light, error – truth, and evil – good.

i am offended that you think i am so ignorant and blind that i would let you raise my babies in any form, in any way, at any time, for any reason.
i correct you constantly in the ears of my children, showing them the error of your words and the darkness of your soul.

i am offended that you mock the righteous and praise the wicked.

i am offended at the blatant display of cultic themes and cultic rituals performed at dedications of buildings, governmental events, super bowl etc..

i am offended that you would use things like young teenagers on children’s channels to create connectivity with our boys and girls, causing them to admire, emulate, and feel connected to them and later systematically turn them in their early twenties to examples of perversion, lewdness, brazen, godless behavior.

the least of my worries is that you are offended with me.
my greatest concern is for you, and for what you will answer to God when he calls into account your sins, and how you INTENTIONALLY laid before mankind a stumbling block to hinder him from walking with God and living out his word.

you constantly tell me how “love wins” in the context of love overlooking vile and abominable sins; but it is not love that wins, but “TRUTH THAT WINS”.
(John 17:17) “sanctify them through they truth, thy word is truth”.

this world is not my home and i care nothing whatsoever of your acceptance or approval.
for i am not ashamed of my Lord or HIS WORD, and let it be known to everyone that we are not people of the crowd, but “People of the Christ!”.

you are offended? You’re offended!
take a number, line starts in the rear…. and it’s a long line.