IDF has been given the GREEN LIGHT to unleash hell in Gaza in retaliation for over 200 rockets fired at Israel by Islamic terrorists

The consultation between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, and the military leaders in response to the launching of over 300 rockets from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. lasted over four hours.

A political source said that “in the prime minister’s consultation with the heads of the defense establishment, operational decisions were made.”

Tomorrow, the Security Cabinet will meet and discuss the escalation in Gaza. According to the source, the IDF has been given a green light to launch a heavy retaliation against Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza.

The decision comes as UN and Egyptian mediators attempt to restore calm and convince Hamas to halt the rocket attacks. Despite their efforts, rockets continue to fall on Israel.

The IDF has struck about 70 targets in Gaza in response to the continuing rocket attacks.