Iran’s leader Khamenei meets with Islamic terror leaders and calls for the final destruction of Israel

This is just more of the same vicious annihilationist Jew-hatred we have come to expect from Iran, which Iranian mullahs spewed for years with the sanction, the permission, of Obama. Khamenei has spewed this hatred many times before, and the United Nations yawns. The pressure on Khamenei is not coming from outside, but from within Iran. Poisonous Islamic Jew-hatred and hatred of “the other” have been forced upon the Iranian people for decades now. The mullahs’ bloodthirsty regime is dying a long excruciatingly painful death before our very eyes, but they are bent on taking everyone else down with them. We can only hope that the Iranian people will succeed in liberating themselves from this monstrous regime before it unleashes even more evil upon the world.

“Iran’s Khamenei meets Islamic Jihad leaders, calls for Israel’s downfall,” by Cassandra Gomes-Hochberg, Jerusalem Post, December 31, 2018:

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei met with Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Ziad al-Nakhala in Teheran on Monday to emphasize his support for the Palestinian people, the Iranian network Press TV reported Monday.

“As long as there is resistance, the Zionist regime’s downfall and demise will continue,” said Khamenei.

According to the report, Khamenei congratulated leaders of the Islamic Jihad for, what he called, their victory against Israel in Gaza.

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