Socialism: Humanity’s terrible twos

Socialism: Humanity's terrible twos“Mine” and “no.”


Each toddler goes through the stage of identifying everything as belonging to them. They’ll hold tightly to an item that is another child’s and refuse to give it up, sometimes yelling “no” at the top of their lungs. They haven’t grasped the concept of ownership beyond claiming as theirs what they see and want. Young children can’t see past the expectation that their immediate desires are fulfilled without hesitation.

Anyone who has raised children or taught them has experienced the unrestrained wants of little ones that can compel them to swipe toys, food or shiny objects, grasping them to their chest in a death grip.

It takes time but most children learn to accept that every item they come across isn’t theirs to play with, eat or dispense to their friends on a whim. They are trained to understand and honor the idea of ownership, to realize that some things simply aren’t theirs to keep or give away.

How is it, then, that full grown men and women still wallow in infancy, demanding power over other people’s property, calling it theirs and deciding when and how to take it?

This childish behavior describes the essence of socialism that culminates in full-blown communism. At the core of this “fairness” ideology are adults who never outgrew the terrible twos.

It doesn’t stop there. Stomping feet and throwing tantrums if a contrary word is uttered, the selfish conduct goes so far as to pressure others to accept the untenable to the detriment of the social and economic order. The whole Green New Deal is an exercise in attempting to force a nation to kowtow to misguided babies who think cows (only female cattle, it seems) are causing F5 tornadoes with excessive methane production.

Seriously apply logic to these arguments that advocate the eradication of internal combustion engines, air travel and free market healthcare. Consider the self-absorbed champions of these harebrained proposals who cry and demand a safe space to hide when challenged by common sense debate. The immaturity can’t be overlooked.

Propagandized generations have been coddled to believe the world revolves around themselves, emulating toddlers in their most selfish stage of development. The problem is socialists never grow up. They continue to snatch whatever trinket or cash they fancy and debase the people who created those goods and wealth.

As much as the youth and foolhardy aged decry the unfairness of capitalism, believing in the pipedream of a socialist utopia, they never learn how to labor to achieve their desires. They’ve been spoiled by indulgent parents, just as were Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels who composed the Communist Manifesto, which was a white paper of subjugation to pander to the wants of narcissists, i.e. egocentric two-year-olds. Religious and social fanaticism (sharia, LGBT, atheism, etc.) falls into the same category.

Fairness and justice are not equivalent. The first is an immature concept of getting one’s way claiming fairness if, and only if, a person receives what they believe is owed them. Justice is the equal application of social standards and law to every individual, giving no one special attention or dispensation. Demanding fairness is to demand exceptional consideration just as a self-centered child would do.

It is the duty of our constitutional republic to guard against pie-in-the-sky propagandists who operate on the level of immature bullies pushing around their peers on the playground.